Aspenden Parish Council ‘Greening Awareness’

Aspenden Parish Council linked in with Buntingford Post ‘Cop 26’ Climate Cafe last year to raise the awareness of householders to Global Warming and simple steps we can all make to address the issue. There is a national ‘Greening Campaign’ but we were too small a community to effectively launch one. We are still however addressing the steps which you can all take to make a start.

  1. Turn off unnecessary lighting in the house this autumn, e.g. as you leave the room, or fitting a sensor to stop your security lights being left on all night. (Light pollution + electricity wastage)
  2. Walk, cycle or use Public Transport to the shops when travelling less than a mile.
  3. Eat less meat & dairy, meat production uses gallons of water.
  4. Wash laundry at 30 degrees C.
  5. Fill the kettle with only the amount you need.
  6. Turn off all standbys.
  7. Turn your thermostat down by 1 degree C.
  8. Insulate Hot Water Tank to minimum of 75mm (3”)
  9. Replace bulbs with LED.
  10. Reduce shower time by 2 minutes.
  11. Wash up in a bowl where necessary rather than a dish washer.
  12. Plant Bee friendly plants next year to encourage pollination.
  13. Reduce, Reuse, recycle. The Co-op has a ‘soft plastic recycling bin’.
  14. Freeze leftovers – Buy what you need, eat what you buy, compost the rest.
  15. Plan your journey and leave earlier to keep your speed/fuel consumption down.

See EHC Website on Environmental Sustainability & house warming grants.

Visit Facebook@BACCSBuntingford for more ideas